UV digital printing

Digitální UV tisk

Our new machine Océ Arizona 350 GT is a UV curable flatbed printer that produces high image quality on rigid or flexible media.

Basically we can print on any media like PVC, A/PET/G, PC, PP, steel, wood, glass, CD/DVD, canvas with very good lightfastness even in exterior (3 yrs guarantee). Our large-sized format of digital printer lets us print on rigid panels up to 125 cm x 250 cm x 48 mm. We can even print on irregularly-shaped flat objects, by simply placing them on the flatbed printer table.

We can print on transparent media with CMYK+White machine equipment.

All prints from this printer are available to use outdoor, with >3yrs lightfastness.

Océ Arizona 350 GT


tisk CMYK


tisk bílou barvou

White printing

potisk deskových materiálů

printing on rigid media

die cutting of thin sheets, shape-cut of thin sheets, format cutting of thick media on vertical panel saw

shape cutting of thick media with laser or water with our co-partners

Lenticular prints:

Printing quality of this flatbed machine we are using for 3D & animated lenticular images. Please read more here

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